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Our company is an ISO-certified Vertical Autoclave Manufacturers in India. Medilivescare Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of Vertical Autoclave products.  Vertical autoclaves come in chamber volumes ranging from 25 liters to 215 liters that accommodate two to three drums, respectively. The systems are designed for use in bacteriological and research laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and food and beverage processing units. Designed for maximum space utilization, the vertical chamber offers a comfortable working environment at all times.

An Autoclave that comes in a cylindrical shape is referred to as a vertical autoclave, a steam sterilizer, a Top Loading Sterilizer, etc. They are used for sterilizing medical instruments or surgical products. Sterilization is a major medical process in many industries, including food and healthcare. Medical instruments and surgical products can be sterilized using this machine, which works on the principle of high-pressure steam. There are a variety of designs of these machines depending on the industry and usage, including double-wall construction, triple-wall construction, and GMP construction.


Double-walled construction.

Fully made of Stainless Steel Grade 304.

Electrically operated.

Supplied with two Safety Valves, Pressure Gauge, Steam Release Valves & Drain valve at the bottom.

Field with Jointless Silicon Rubber Gasket.

Foot lifting arrangement to open the lid.

ISI-approved heating elements.

Working Pressure up to 15 PSI.

Power supply: 230 Volts A.C. 50 Hz. Single-phase.

Chamber Size Capacity in Ltrs. (Approx.)
10" x 18" 25
12" x 20" 35
14" x 22" 50
18" x 24" 95
18" x 30" 120
22" x 30" 178
22" x 36" 215


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