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Autoclave Manufacturers in India

Portable Autoclave Manufacturers in India

Portable Manufacturers in India

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Wing-nut Type Autoclave, Non-electric

Product Information

  • Aluminium seamless construction. Mirror finish. Wingnut/Knob type.
  • Lightweight & portable.
  • Simple Operation. sturdy, rust-proof, shiny finish, and safe to use.
  • Locking the lid with 6 nuts. With a high-quality rubber gasket.
  • For high-pressure steam sterilization of medical materials, surgical dressings, and instruments.
  • Maximum pressure 15 psi/1.5 bar, max. temp. 121 deg. C.
  • Equipped with steam release/control valve and high-quality heat-resistant bakelite handles.
  • Pressure gauge with color-coding to display sterilization zones, graduated in kg/cm2 and lb/inch2.
  • Equipped with safety pressure release valve.
Size Ident. No. Dia x Height in mm Dia x Height in inch Capacity in Ltrs. including lid
I 300 x 250 12 x 10 17
II 300 x 300 12 x 12 21
III 300 x 380 12 x 15 27
IV 350 x 380 14 x 15 39


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