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Gauze Roll Bandage

Gauze Roll Bandage Manufacturers in India

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Gauze Roll Bandage

Product Information

Gauze bandage in roll form.

Available various types as per customer choice.

  • Material: 100% Cotton.
  • Colour: White.
  • Type: 19X15, 25X18,30X20.
  • Yarn: 40's x 40's.

Available sizes:

15cm x 3m.

10cm x 3m.

7.5 cm x 3m.

5cm x 3m.

15cm x 4m.

10cm x 4m.

7.5cm x 4m.

5cm x 4m.

15cm x 5m.

10cm x 5m.

7.5cm x 5m.

5cm x 5m.

15cm x 9m.

10cm x 9m.

7.5cm x 9m.

5cm x 9m.

15cm x 10m.

10cm x 10m.

7.5cm x 10m.

5cm x 10m.

15cm x 12m.

10cm x 12m.

7.5cm x 12m.

5cm x 12m.



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