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Sputum Container Manufacturers in India

Sputum Containers
Sputum Containers
Sputum Containers
Sputum Containers

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Sputum Container

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We are the largest Sputum Container Manufacturers in India. Our Sputum Container is having high quality, tight screw cap, and the price is very low. We do OEM for Sputum Containers. We are also manufacturing Urine Containers and Stool Containers. Also, we can supply the specimen containers as Sterile or Non-sterile as per customer requirements.


Product Features:

Material: Polypropylene.

With screw cap.

Available in 30ml, 40ml and 50ml. Customer sizes can also be supplied based on MOQ.


Available in different colour caps. Packing can be done individually or in pack of 25 pcs / 50 pcs / 100 pcs. etc.


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‘We reserve the right to alter the designs & features of products for advancement without notice’

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