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Manual Vacuum Extractor Set - Bird Type

Product Information

Vacuum extractor system to assist vaginal deliveries in a delivery room.

Hand operated suction pump creates required vacuum.

Vacuum range, adjustable: from 0 to 100 kPa / - 760 mmHg

Gauge dial, minimal graduation: 5 kPa / 40 mmHg

Accuracy vacuum gauge: 5% approx.

All parts of the vacuum extractor can be disassembled, relevant parts can be autoclaved at 121 deg. C

Requires no other than routine maintenance, manageable at the level of the delivery rooms

System is supplied as a complete set consisting of:

3 x Bird type anterior suction/extraction cup (1 x 40, 1 x 50 and 1 x 60 mm opening diameter) rounded edges.

2 x Extraction handle for Bird type anterior suction/extraction cup

Suction/extraction cups and handle: stainless steel, 18 Chromium, 8 % Nickel

2 x Soft suction/extraction cup (1 x 50 and 1 x 60 mm opening diameter). Also, can include 70mm size as per requirement.

1 x Glass vacuum/collection bottle, approx. 500 ml

1 x Cover or plug for vacuum/collection bottle, with 3 holes (2 connectors + 1 vacuum gauge)

1 x Connector angled, chrome plated

1 x Connector angled with screw valve (vacuum release), chrome plated, with cap and gasket

1 x Vacuum gauge with straight connector, chrome plated

1 x Basket, stainless steel, supporting vacuum/collection bottle and the suction pump, with large hook allowing to fit it to the delivery table

2 x Tube, silicone, transparent, inner/outer diameter approx. 6/11 mm, length approx. 50 and 150 cm

Supplied with:

1 x Spare vacuum/collection bottle, plastic or glass, approx. 500 ml as per requirement.

1 x Spare tube, silicone, transparent, inner/outer diameter approx. 6/11 mm, length approx. 300 cm

1 x Spare gasket for the screw valve (vacuum release)

30 x Polypropylene bottom plate, for stainless steel suction/extraction cup, 10 for each size, 40, 50 and 60 mm

1 x List of accessories and parts

1 x Instructions for use and maintenance, and contact details for repair service, in English.


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