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Eye Pad Manufacturers

Eye Pad Dressing Manufacturers

Eye Pad Manufacturers in India
Eye Pad Manufacturers in India
Eye Pad Manufacturers in India
Eye Pad Manufacturers in India
Eye Pad Manufacturers in India

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Eye Pad

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Medilivescare Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Eye Pad Manufacturers Contains absorbent cotton, wrapped with absorbent Non-woven fabric. The Eye pad is also available with overlapping cotton gauze as per customer/project specifications. It is with a sealed edge, individually packed. We are the top Eye Pad Manufacturers in India with the lowest price and superior Quality. Eye Pad Manufacturers in India, Eye Pad Exporters in India, and Eye Pad Suppliers in India.



  • Material: Pad Contains absorbent cotton, wrapped with absorbent Non-adherent, Non-woven.
  • Oblong in shape.
  • Size: 6cm X 8cm.
  • Completely covers the eye.
  • Individually packed.
  • Available with or without adhesive strip.
  • ETO Sterile.


‘We reserve the right to alter the designs & features of products for advancement without notice’

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We are a leading Surgical Gloves Manufacturers. We are specialized in manufacturing high-quality Latex Surgical Gloves, powdered & powder-free, for the protection of physicians, nurses, and patients. Our company prioritizes patient safety by protecting them from cross-contamination, infection, and allergies, and we maintain international standards to provide the best quality products as well as services to our customers.

The Surgical Gloves produced by Medilivescare Manufacturing Private Limited are widely used by medical professionals in various hospitals, clinics, and health centers around the world. 

Additionally, Surgical Gloves are also known as Medical Gloves, Surgical Hand Gloves, and Operation Gloves. We guarantee High Quality and the Lowest Prices. We are leading Surgical Gloves Manufacturers, Surgical Gloves Suppliers, and Surgical Gloves Exporters in India. Pre-powdered and Powder free Surgical Gloves are manufactured by us. We offer OEM for Surgical Gloves. Inner and Outer Boxes can also be customized. We can modify the packing as per project/customer requirements. Best quality and affordable prices make us one of the Top Surgical Gloves Manufacturers in India. We are one of the top Latex Medical Gloves, Medical Hand Gloves, Disposable Surgical Gloves, Sterile Gloves, Disposable Rubber Gloves, Latex Disposable Gloves, and Disposable Latex Gloves Manufacturers in India.



Surgical Gloves are made from high-quality natural rubber latex.

Micro-rough surface provides extra grip.

Lightly Powdered with USP Grade absorbable corn starch.

Beaded cuffs and anatomically shaped.

Consistent quality is ensured by a strict quality control process.

The product is manufactured and packed in a hygienic environment to minimize bio-burden levels.

Conforms to ASTMD3577 & EN455-1,2,3.

GMP is strictly adhered to.

The following sizes are available: 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5.

Each pair is in a Paper Wallet and further seal packed in a paper pouch.

Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.

Box of 50 Pairs.

Also available as powder-free.


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Elastic Adhesive IV Cannula Fixator is shaped well to give a perfect grip over the I.V. Cannula during hospitalization.

Good aesthetic appeal due to woven fast edges.

Moisture-responsive High Moisture Vapor Transmission rate Film.

Low allergy grid pattern adhesive.

Porous adhesive to allow skin breathing.

Easy and Painless remove, because of thin-non adhesive edges and leaves no residue after removal.

The IV Cannula fixator fastens the tube firmly to the skin, whilst the pad covers the point of injection. The dressing allows air and humidity to pass freely.

The Material used does not irritate the skin and no traces of the adhesive remain on the skin after removal.

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Medilivescare Manufacturing is the largest Gamjee Roll Manufacturers Contains absorbent cotton, wrapped with cotton gauze. Gamjee Roll is a surgical absorbent cotton bundle. It consists of three layers of gauze, absorbent cotton, and gauge wrapped around each other. Gamjee Roll Manufacturers in India, Gamjee Roll Exporters in India, Gamjee Roll Suppliers in India. The Gamjee Roll and Gamjee Pad are also available in different sizes as per customer/project specifications. It is with a sealed edge, individually packed. We are the top Gamjee Roll Manufacturers in India with the lowest price and superior Quality. Gamjee Roll Manufacturers in India, Hospital Gamjee Pad Exporters in India, and Gamjee Roll Suppliers in India.



- Used to dress infected wounds. 
- Highly absorbent Insulated.
- Also applied over the dressing to hold the bandaging point
- Skin-friendly.


10 cm x 3m

15 cm x 3m

10cm x 2m

15cm x 2m

10cm x 1.5 m 15cm x 1.5 m
10cm x 1 m 15cm x 1 m
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We are a leading Surgical Gown manufacturers in India. We offer a premium range of Surgical Gowns using high-quality nonwoven fabrics (SMS, Laminated Fabrics, Spunbond Fabrics etc.). The lowest price, best quality, on-time delivery, best coordination & good service makes Medilivescare Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. one of the largest Surgical Gown Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India.

The Medical Gown is also known as Hospital Disposable Gown, Medical Disposable Gown, Surgical Isolation Gown, Disposable Surgical Gown, Reinforced Surgical Gown, Reinforced Gown, Doctor Gown, Surgeon Gown, and these are made from Spunbond Nonwoven PP, SMS, SMMS, SSMMS etc. and with or without PE laminations. We offer OEM Service also to various Customers.

Surgical Gowns, Disposable Gowns, Isolation Gowns, Medical Gowns, Reinforced Surgical Gowns etc. are also available in various fabrics or in different versions as per customer requirements and details as given below:

        Fabric Name 



Spunbond Nonwoven PP

White / Hospital Blue. Also, in other colours as per customer requirements.

20 – 90 or as per customer requirement.


Hospital Blue

25, 35, 43, 50 & 60.

SMS Level 3 Fabric

Hospital Blue

43 & 50.



25, 40, 50 & 60.


Hospital Blue

43, 50 & 60.


Hospital Blue

43, 50 & 60.


Hospital Blue & White, with/without Poly coating / Lamination.

60 & 70.

Absorbent Barrier Nonwoven Fabric

Hospital Blue with White Poly coating/Lamination on one side.

40 & 60

Plain Barrier Nonwoven Fabric

Hospital Blue with White Poly coating/Lamination on one side.

30 & 40

Spunbond Nonwoven PP + Poly coating / Lamination on one side

White, Hospital Blue or as per customer requirements.

30, 45 and up to 90 or as per customer requirements.



Surgical Gown, Disposable (Level 2 / Level 3).

Material: SMS. 

Colour: Blue & White.  

Fabric Thickness / Weight: 25, 35, 43, 50 & 60GSM. Also, available in various other GSM as per customer choice.

Size : 127x73cm.

Style: Velcro back, knitted elastic wrist, and with waistband (belt).





Reusable Surgical Gown                                 

Disposable Surgical Gown

Plastic Isolation Gown with Thumbhole        

Isolation Gown

Plastic Isolation Gown with Elastic Cuff        

Reinforced Medical / Surgical Gown

Plastic Isolation Gown with Knitted Elastic Cuff


Gauze Swab Manufacturers in India


Gauze Swab

We are a leading Gauze Swab Manufacturers. We manufacture and supply Non Sterile Gauze Swab and Sterile Gauze Swab, Gauze Swabs with X-ray thread or Gauze Swab without X Ray Detectable Thread at very low prices. Surgical Gauze Dressing and/or Gauze Pads are available in different types and ply as per customer requirements. Superior quality and affordable prices are Guaranteed. We offer OEM also for various customers for Gauze Swab. We supply Gauze swabs in different qualities and pack sizes. We are Top Gauze Swab Manufacturers in India and Best Gauze Swab Exporters.


  • Made of 100% cotton. Bleaching is done by Hydrogen peroxide & de-mineralized water.
  • All swabs are with folded edges - therefore No loose threads.
  • Available with or without an X-Ray detectable line.
  • Available in Quality B.P. Type 13 & B.P. Type 17.


Sizes available :

- 5 x 5cm (4 / 8 / 12 /16 ply)

- 7.5 x 7.5cm (4 / 8 / 12/16 ply)

- 10 x 10 cm (4 / 8 / 12/16 ply)

- 10 x 20cm ((4 / 8 / 12 ply)

  • Available in 1, 2, 4, 5 & 10 pcs packing and Sterile / Non-sterile as per customer/project requirements.
  • Also, available in 100 pcs. packing as non-sterile.

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Medilivescare Manufacturing is identified as Best Gauze Swab Manufacturers. Superior Quality, Lowest Prices, Best Service, and fast Delivery are our highlights. Many customers are regularly approaching us for their requirements on Medical Gauze Swabs in IndiaWe offer Gauze Swab in different pack sizes and also as sterile/non-sterile in different qualities.