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Electric Blood Donor Couch

Product Information


-Motorized Donor Chairs suitable to use for blood banks, infusion treatment centers, hospitals, clinicss, aphaeresis, plasma centers and other similar facilities.

-Remote switch for easy repositioning

-Hardwood frame construction

-It has solid surface seat to ensure easy & hygienic premium rated foam, cushion and spring component for donor comfort.

-With the help of electric power, we can fully adjust the donor position in between head low feet high to head high feet lower position and arm rest (left and right) swing out for easy seating as well as up & down of chair such position minimization of donor.

-High quality contract grade vinyl upholstery.

-All exposed metal ports are chrome plate for easy cleaning & durability.


Technical details:

-Seat Height: 64cm

-Head height max: 114cm

-Foot height max: 89cm

-Chair length: 152cm

-Chair width (W/armrest sections): 92cm

-Load bearing capacity: 150kg


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