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Chest Drainage Bottle

Chest Drainage Bottle Manufacturers in India

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Chest Drainage Bottle

Product Information

  • Chest Drainage Bottle is a single use disposable unit which is designed to forward the collected Drainage into a collection chamber by the liquid static suction effects.
  • Super smooth kink resistance tubing ensures uniform flowrate.
  • Makes it easy to observe and measure the collected drainage content during surgery.
  • Facilitates safe Retrograde Technique.
  • Product is suitable for pleural drainage in conjunction with chest drainage catheter in Cardiac and Thoracic procedures.
  • Easy to read graduation helps to determine the drain volume precisely.
  • Product Is provided with hanging at a higher position as compares to the common collection chamber allowing the collection of drainage without giving rise to any inconvenience.
  • Suction port is provided to connect with suction unit.
  • Easy to read graduation helps to determine the drain volume precisely.
  • Available with DEHP Free Material. Sterile / Disposable / Individually Packed.
  • Available size (in ML)
    Single chamber: 500, 1200, 1600, 2000
    Double chamber: 2500


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