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Hospital Delivery Table Simple

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Upholstered top made from stainless steel in 3 sections . Flat pieces welded to the horizontal supports.
The backrest adjustable by ratchet system, which consist on stainless steel rod.
The entire tabletop give trendelenburg position by screw system, provided with thrust ball bearing.
L bent lithotomy rods made of stainless steel. These are adjustable by 2-clamp levers made of S.S.
The entire trendelenburg arrangement mounted on rectangular frame, with rectangular S.S. tube support.
Leg section made of stainless steel. Leg end section can slide completely under the main frame by telescopic mechanism.
This frame hinged on the tubular base, waste collecting S.S. bowl provided rest on S.S. bracket made of S.S. rod.
Made of Stainless steel.

Also available in epoxy powder coated steel.


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