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Neonate Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit

Product Information

  • LCD Display shows time information, lightingintensity, and skin temperature.
  • With white LED lights for easy examination.
  • With skin temperture sensor to monitor baby's skin temperature.
  • Internal fan to reduce the heat during operation.
  • Prograammable system controller to set different lighting intensity for different time.
Bilirubin radiancy (4cm) 3600 µ w/cm² (60 µ w/cm²/nm
Lighting intensity 33%, 67%, 100%
White light Yes
Radiant space 360 x 210 (mm x mm)
Power ≤ 100VA
Wave length 400nm ~ 550nm
Radiant uniformity  >0.4
Therapy time set 0~99h59m
Temperature Monitor range 30 ~ 40 deg. C



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