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Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

Electro Hydraulic Operating Table Manufacturers in India

Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

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Electro - Hydraulic Operating Table

Product Information


Length/Width 1980/500mm
Lowest/Highest height  690/1100mm
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg >30º/30º
Laterial Tilt (Left and Right) >18º/18º
Head Plate up/down >60º/90º
Leg Plate Down/Outward/Up >90º/90º/15º
Black Plate Up/Down >90º/45º
Kidney Bridge Elevation >120mm
Horizontal Sliding >350mm
One Button Repostion Optional
Built-in Battery Optional
Double Control System Optional
Leg Plate Adjustment Manual
Brake System Electronic


Accessories Quantity
Anesthesia Screen 1 piece
Shoulder Support 1 pair
Body Support 1 pair
Arm Support 1 pair
Leg Support 1 pair
Foot Support 1 pair
Mattress 1 set
Hand control 1 piece
Power Line  1 pece
Hydraulic oil Yes



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