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High end 12 Channel ECG Machine

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High-end 12-Ch ECG Machine.



  • 12-lead synchronous acquisition and display.
  • Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm that can accurately trace and diagnosis of the cardiac abnormal waves.
  • Support bipolar pacing detection.
  • A/D converter: 24 bits.
  • 1 s baseline stability.
  • 0.01 - 350Hz ultra-wide frequency response improves the detection of tiny waveform.
  • Original iFilter adaptive filtering technology has greatly improved the ECG signal quality.
  • Manual/Auto/Rhythm printing: 3x4, 3x4+1R, 4+3R, 6x2, 6x2+1R, 2x1 formats.



  • 10.4 color touch screen and alphanumeric keyboard.
  • ECG data can be saved as HL7, XML, PDF, PNG, DICOM or ZQECG format.
  • Standard configured the multi-axis TP innovative thermal printer can trace each segment wave clear in any application scenarios.
  • Support data transmission to PC via LAN port, USB port, SD card and WIFI.
  • Support sending ECG report by email from machine .
  • Support ECG management system.


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