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Blood Drawing Chair Manufacturers & Exporters

Blood Donor Chair Manufacturers & Exporters

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Blood Drawing Chair

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-Blood sampling chair with fixed height, Height= 670mm

-Comfortable upholstery with good density, width 550mm.

-Steel quality: epoxy paint

-Adjustable back rest via 1 gas jack.

-Adjusting leg rest via a self locking mechanism system.

-Equipped with 2 blood test splints, every position adjustable by serrated blocks system.

-Load capacity: dynamic 130kg


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Blood Donor Chair


Blood Donor Chair

Top Blood Donor Chair Manufacturers in India. Blood Donor Chair is also known as Blood Drawing Chair, Blood Donor Couch, Blood Donation Chair, Folding Blood Donor Chair, Blood Donor Chairs, Portable Chairs Blood Donor, Blood Banking Donor Chairs, Blood Donor Chairs cum Bed, Transfusion Chair, etc. We are the largest Manufacturer and Exporters of Hospital Blood Collection Chairs, Portable Blood Donor Chairs, etc. in India.



  • Motorized 3 function Donor Chair suitable to use in Blood Bank fusion treatment center, Hospitals, Clinics, Aphaeresis, Plasma Centre, etc.
  • All frame construction is made from epoxy powder-coated steel. Also, can be manufactured from Stainless Steel 202 or 304 Grades.
  • Push pillow back for donors' comfort.
  • The Chair is constructed with Premium rated Foam, Cushions, and spring components in such a way that a donor can comfortably sit in for hours.
  • Fully adjustable chair positioning actuator motor control allows easy positioning.
  • Adjustable left-right armrest.
  • High-quality contact grade vinyl (Rexine) upholstery with anti-microbial/anti-bacterial coating to prevent stain, abrasion bacterial growth.
  • All upholstery/materials meet the necessary fire code.
  • The seat is solid to ensure an easy and hygienic cleaning.
  • The chair is provided with 4 lockable castor wheels.
  • All exposed metal accessories are stainless steel made for easy cleaning and durability.



-3 (Three) functions (Back rest, leg section, height adjustment) remote control & electrically operated.

-Dimensions:  60 inch ( L)x 30 inch( W )

- Head section 0 degree- 60 degree.

-Foot Section 10 - to 60 degree.

-Seat section 25 inch(±5%) adjustable in steps)

-Capacity: 150 kg,

 Power::220VAC, 50HZ, 1 PHASE( Plug  and play)


ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, WHO GMP & CE Compliant.


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