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Micro Medical Electric Sagittal Saw (For Hand & Foot Surgery)

Product Information

  • Medical electric minimal invasive oscillating saw is suitable for various ankle joint surgery. For a wide variety of joint operations of bone tissue cutting.
  • Cutting bones rapidly, and the bone edge is smooth and tidy.
  • Accurate location. 
  • Low temperature rise. 
  • A variety of specifications of the saw blade sizes to the satisfy the needs of the clinical better. 
  • Input voltage 110V-240V/50Hz
  • Output power ≥120W
  • Battery capacity 1600mA/h
  • Rated speed 0?20000rpm
  • Charging voltage 7.2V
  • Sterilization HTHP
  • Sterilizing temperature 135-137°C
  • Noise ≤40db


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