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ACLS Child Training Manikin

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  • Vital signs simulation: bilateral pupils observation: normal and dilated; femoral artery pulse; can simulate carotid artery pulse;
  • Airway Management: Real mouth, nose, gums, throat, esophagus, epiglottis, trachea; it can be do intubation and suction through mouth.
  • Venipuncture/transfusion: arm vein, femoral vein, dorsal vein of foot
  • ntramuscular injection: bilateral deltoid, bilateral vastus lateralis
  • Subcutaneous injection: lateral subcutaneous injection of thigh
  •  Bone marrow puncture: tibia with obvious body surface symbol, effusion of simulative bone marrow indicates proper puncture operation;
  • Gastric intubation: Allows gastric lavage, gastrointestinal decompression; detect tube position via abdominal auscultation; removing the gastric liquid prompts successful intubation; 
  • Urethral catheterization: replaceable male/female perineum allows male/female catheterization;
  • Ileum, rectum and bladder stoma nursing
  • CPR: Support multiple ventilation ways: mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, BVM to mouth; electronic monitoring of airway open, inflation times, frequency, volume and compression times, frequency, position and depth; automatic judgment of artificial respiration and chest compression ratio; English voice prompts during the entire process;
  • ECG monitoring: can perform ECG monitoring; 20 kinds of ECG are available;
  • Heart and Lung Auscultation: It can do auscultation and recognize hundreds of sound such as normal and abnormal heart sound, breath sound, bowel sound and vascular murmur with manikin.
  • 1Real defibrillation and pacing: can perform real defibrillation and pacing by using with the real defibrillating pacer (should be prepared by yourself)


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